In order for Table Mountain Casino to consider your employment application all requested information must be completely filled out. Any unanswered sections may cause your application to be denied for employment.

Please read the following Gaming License general information and note that you hereby acknowledge that your electronic signature (below) represents your signature as part of this online application process. Thank you for your interest in employment with Table Mountain Casino.


Table Mountain Casino is required by the Table Mountain Tribal Gaming Commission, Tribal-State Compact and National Indian Gaming Commission to employ only those individuals deemed suitable to be issued a gaming license under criteria established by the Table Mountain Tribal Gaming Commission, Tribal-State Compact and National Indian Gaming Commission. Background Investigations must be conducted on all Team Members for the purpose of determining whether they are suitable for employment under the criterion. Table Mountain Tribal Gaming Commission is the tribal agency responsible for conducting background investigations and issuing gaming licenses to Table Mountain Casino Team Members. Should Table Mountain Casino employ you, your employment will be based upon the successful completion of a background investigation and issuance of a gaming license.

When you are being considered for a position in the Casino, you will be scheduled to attend a Gaming Orientation. It is estimated the orientation meeting will take approximately one (1) hour. Please schedule for that amount of time as early dismissal will not be allowed. At the orientation you will receive a Personal History Statement and other pertinent information regarding the licensing process. At this time you will also make an appointment to go over all the information at the Tribal Gaming Commission Office, with a gaming investigator. Orientation is the first step in the process toward receiving your gaming license. To ensure that the process is completed in a timely basis your cooperation is needed. The sooner you receive your temporary gaming license, the sooner you will be able to start in your position. Please arrive promptly, or a few minutes sooner for your scheduled orientation.

The gaming license application (Personal History Statement) seeks information that the Tribe is required by the Table Mountain Tribal Gaming Commission, Tribal-State Compact and National Indian Gaming Commission to obtain from all Team Members. You are required to disclose all information requested on the Personal History Statement. Any attempt to conceal facts or circumstances that could hinder or impair the licensing process could be grounds for denial of a gaming license (not eligible for hiring).

It is to your advantage to respond openly. Any negative factor in your background will be evaluated in terms of the circumstances and facts surrounding its occurrence, and the degree of relevance to the job for which you are applying. For example, being fired from a job or having an arrest record is not in itself grounds for disqualification. During the investigation, a background technician will inquire into the facts surrounding such an occurrence. An evaluation will then be made of the relevance of the facts to the requirements of the job.

Please be advised that if you fail to fully complete the application, The Table Mountain Tribal Gaming Commission has the right to refuse or deny a gaming license based on the incompleteness of the Personal History Statement forms. The applicant is expected to complete a drug test, which is required before the background investigation begins. Table Mountain Rancheria will cover the cost of the drug test. The testing facility will fax the results to the Gaming Commission and give you a receipt, which you must bring to your appointment. You will also need to obtain, the H6 printout from DMV, which is available at a minimal cost and must be paid by the applicant.

Please be sure the checkbox below is CHECKED where it reads: I have read, been given the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the content of this document.